Happy 73rd Birthday to Mick Jagger! Still going strong! Look back at his AMAZING career so far:

Amazing musical artist, and prolific all around bad ass.... much Jagger! Happy Belated.

The heart is a compass The brain is a map of what was past The head is a warning device The heart is a key that gets you past it all and I know Heartbreaks are hungry But you will forget she starved your soul..... The way isn't easy The way is a queen you must have known A long long time ago Right before you had just been born And I know Change will come along And it will guide you back and forth Until you know Until you know who you were and are again......

@AmericanAir I am a musician. I flew first class today for safety purposes on a huge empty plane to Los Angeles and the flight attendant at the gate made me check my guitar with almost no passengers and no luggage on the plane. This is a bad policy and terrible customer service.

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