Happy 73rd Birthday to Mick Jagger! Still going strong! Look back at his AMAZING career so far:

Amazing musical artist, and prolific all around bad ass.... much Jagger! Happy Belated.

The heart is a compass The brain is a map of what was past The head is a warning device The heart is a key that gets you past it all and I know Heartbreaks are hungry But you will forget she starved your soul..... The way isn't easy The way is a queen you must have known A long long time ago Right before you had just been born And I know Change will come along And it will guide you back and forth Until you know Until you know who you were and are again......

Just had a great workout and picked Romain from my little garden stash. No Ecoli here and it’s FRESH!!! Yum. #gardenlife #homegrownfood

Patrice here! I had so much fun while Wayne was in Big Bend with family, being in Austin with family both biological and chosen! Last night I sat in with Jay Stiles and friends @cosmiccoffeebeer and then late night got a pic from @carihutson and @davidgarzamusic. Love was everywhere. Happy holidays!

Come chill with us for friendsgiving on Thanksgiving night at Saxon Pub! #livemusic #austinmusicians @thesaxonpub #chosenfamily #rockandroll #rootsmusic

Best friends since high school our in our hometown chillin. I’m loving the holidays. Peace and Light to y’all! P

This is a photo I took while recording the new record in Santa Fe... and I wrote this now reading Ken Wilbur’s Collected works...“Everything in shadows and light. Varying perceptions in the multiverse. I cannot see myself without reflection. I close my eyes and see it all.”