Happy 73rd Birthday to Mick Jagger! Still going strong! Look back at his AMAZING career so far:

Amazing musical artist, and prolific all around bad ass.... much Jagger! Happy Belated.

The heart is a compass The brain is a map of what was past The head is a warning device The heart is a key that gets you past it all and I know Heartbreaks are hungry But you will forget she starved your soul..... The way isn't easy The way is a queen you must have known A long long time ago Right before you had just been born And I know Change will come along And it will guide you back and forth Until you know Until you know who you were and are again......

I would rather fight for our democracy and security than be afraid while Russia takes hold of the free world. We cannot allow fear mongering to stop us from holding all politicians accountable to obey the law. What has it all come down to? Power hungry stupidity and greed.

Join us at the Moody Theater February 16th 2020 with @concerts4austincharities supporting 3 great charities including Step Onward, @myhaam and @superherokids with the incomparable @doylebramhall2 and @greyhoundsmusic LOVE TO ALL!

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We genuinely love our family of mom and pop venues that keep indie artists sustainable! THANK YOU!! This pic is from @houseconcertsatthegallery in Navasota. Xoxo Pike and Sutton